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29 May 2002 Uploaded first (completed page, not necessarily the title page) in a new section discussing and illustrating greek equipment, beginning a hoplite's panoloply. All the 'illustrations' are done with painted lead. You can see the initial draft of the helmet page, more to come as I get time.

9 April 2002
Uploaded a few shots of some new medieval standard bearers. Go into the gallery and look, I'm too lazy to put a convient little link here tonight. (Well maybe not. :)

30 March 2002
Hi - welcome to my new home on the web.

I finally got tired of free services tanking on me so I am now managing my own domain entirely. Years ago I started a Warhammer related hobby site on Geocities.com. At the time they were friendly enough. Yahoo finally purchased them and began to screw the pooch something fierce, initially even attempting to claim ownership and IP rights on anything hosted on Geocities. (Much to the dismay of those of us original geocities members, the old agreement never said anything like that!) Yahoo eventually relented, but it pissed me off so much I never even completed the login transfer process. In fact the old page still lives - I'll track down the URL.

So I moved to Xoom.com - unlimited space and bandwidth, less annoyances from the post yahoo geocities. They were great: reliable, backed up, FTP access, tiny frame based advert. Then NBC's Snap.com and Xoom merged into NBCI.com. Best of all they didn't mess with the Xoom.com setup. Intended to be great (and quite a hubba-hubba spokeswoman) but just another casualty of the "Just another portal" syndrome of the late 90s. Then they canned the free webhosting without any distinguishable warning. I couldn't even post a redirect to my new site from that one.

Then I moved to Angelfire.com. VERY nice people. They need to lay off the prozac once in a while. But their tutorials are written for folks with the technical skill level equivalent to my grandfather, yet they are complete and interesting enough to useful to a geek like myself. The people who run Angelfire are great. But then Lycos bought Angelfire. Popups (and pop-unders) began to appear. Then began the quest for more money. And, as far as I'm concerned, the writing is on the wall. NBCI's recent schenanigans still fresh on my mind I decided to move myself while the going was still good.

I learned one more lesson from the NBCI peepee whack - my old volume of content was great because I slowly contributed to it for years. While I will eventually rewrite everything and put some pretty into it (an artist friend of mine loves to snicker when us geeks attempt to do his job) don't count on it being any time soon.